Cindymill with laser cut steel plates!

Cindymill with laser cut steel plates!

I love the RepRap concept of building machines which can replicate themselves. The Cindymill is designed with this idea in mind: if you already have built one you can manufacture the needed aluminum plates for the next Cindymill. However, lately I’ve had a lot of inquiries from people who don’t have access to a CNC milling machine to have their plates milled. And since milling is an expensive manufacturing method, ordering from a commercial supplier can be quite costly. So now there is a redesigned version of the Cindymill with laser cut steel plates!

Rigidity simulations show similar stiffness for a 6 mm steel version and the 10 mm aluminum version, so that’s what we’re going with. Both versions have similar dimensions, use the same parts and can be assembled with the same manual. The only differences are individual sets of spacers and screws. The Github repository is completely updated, there are now separate folders for steel and aluminum versions. Take a look around and download all files.

I am in contact with a supplier in Germany who is currently producing a test set, so there will be a possibility to order them (at least if you are in Europe). It will take a few more weeks but if you are interested in a set feel free to send me a message. If you know a reliable and fair local supplier on your continent (or if you are one) please send me a message, I would love to build a pool where those interested can easily find someone to make a plate set for them.

Happy milling!